The day was labor day, The date was September 5th 1977. I, myself, CPF breathed the earths air for the first time.  Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I lived there for a few years before  I moved to the great town of Norman Oklahoma, Yes, Sooner town. By the time I was  8 I had already grown quite fond of hip hop. I tried a few sports like soccer and basketball but they just weren’t for me so I picked up skateboarding. The whole skateboarding kick lasted a whole 5 or so years maybe longer, can’t really think back to those days. But one thing I do remember is I was still listening to hip hop. By the time 1989 rolled around I was already set off for building my new dream that I had no idea it would last this long. So going back to 1989 after watching all those episodes of Yo MTV Raps in ’88 being like what are those guys doing on those record players as I called them back then.  I would practice on my dads’ turntables scratching, controlling the fade with the up and down volume knob.  Now that was hard. So 4 or so years came along when I decided I would brand myself with what I am now known as “Neptoon”.  So back to ’89 when I got my very first mixer. Having only one turntable at the time, it wasn’t the greatest turntable but I could still scratch on it.  But not a few months past before I got the second turntable. Every day I would come home from school to practice. Not having many records then I would have to use my dads’ old records. I remember KISS was one that I had grown quite fond of.  So for the next few years I worked to build my skill, not having really anybody to learn from. I would have to watch music videos to try to figure out how they were doing these so called scratches, mocking the sound I was hearing in them.  But I’m not going to go over all of that. By the time I hit the late 90’s I had met other dj’s like myself.

Now I’m going to back to ’96, by now I have already accumulated a drum machine, sampler, and a keyboard.  Sequencing with a sr-16 wasn’t the easiest thing in the world.  The new producers just don’t know how easy they have it these days.  But at least I can say I lived it.  Eventually I was introduced to my very first computer based sequencer. The sequencer was cubase. This made writing music so much easier. It was still only midi based at the time but that was really all I needed. I eventually got a better computer and software began to grow more advanced.  Which made writing a lot easier. 

Now today I still write tracks and scratch as much as I can and when I can, by now I have picked up a few more hobbies and grown my knowledge base, being my brain a bit larger. Today I consider myself an entrepreneur, which will hopefully lead me right where I want to go but really only time will tell. I’m going to keep this journey positive and I hope to continue in the path I’m going. But again only time will tell..


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