Scratch Magazine Nov/Dec 2005

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Scratch Magazine Nov/Dec 2005 Jermaine Dupri Swizz Beatz 9th Wonder

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Scratch magazine was a publication that focused on the art of DJing, turntablism, and music production. The magazine was launched in 2002 by the same team that created XXL magazine, and it quickly became the go-to source for DJs and music producers who wanted to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and gear.

Scratch magazine covered a wide range of topics related to DJing and turntablism. The publication featured interviews with renowned DJs and turntablists, gear reviews, instructional articles, and profiles of up-and-coming DJs. Scratch also covered the latest trends in hip-hop and electronic music, as well as the cultural impact of DJing and turntablism.

The magazine was known for its high-quality content and stunning visuals. Its design was sleek and modern, featuring eye-catching graphics and photography. Scratch also offered a variety of multimedia content, including videos and audio clips, to give readers an immersive experience.

In addition to its print publication, Scratch also had an online presence. The website featured exclusive content, forums for readers to discuss DJing and turntablism, and a store where readers could purchase Scratch-branded merchandise.

Although Scratch magazine is no longer in publication, it remains a beloved and influential publication in the world of DJing and turntablism. Its impact can still be felt in the DJ community today.

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